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Property Management

There's a myth that rental property produces 'passive income'. It's a phrase that makes us shudder because it's a phrase that's completely incorrect.
Being a landlord is a job much like any other; it's a job that requires time management, effort and money. Some people choose to do that job themselves, and that's fine by us. This section of the website is for those of you who'd love for us to take care of everything.
And that's exactly what we do. Whether you're a residential landlord or a commercial one, our dedicated team has all the expertise you need. Letting property may require hard negotiating skills; managing it calls for somewhat softer skills. We effectively act as a buffer zone, occupying the neutral, objective ground between you and your tenants. This is the best possible place from which to find an optimal solution for both parties when things go slightly awry - as they often do.
Make no mistake: it's an efficient and effective buffer zone whether we're checking references, overseeing deposits, co-ordinating tenancy agreements, compiling inventories, collecting rent, arranging safety and performance certificates, finding reliable tradesmen, undertaking inspection visits, or handling cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment on your behalf.
As you can see, there's a lot to do, and time is usually of the essence, whether it's a regulatory deadline that's looming or a bathroom that's leaking. This is why we think it makes sense to hand your property management over to us. We take care of the hassle so you don't have to; it's as simple as that.